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Congratulations: If you are looking for a natural medicine expert, your search is over. Imagine yourself, finally healthy! Nirala Jacobi is a highly qualified naturopathic health care practitioner with over 14 years clinical experience. She is a licensed naturopathic physician in the USA. These are highly sought after practitioners in the US and only very few practice as naturopaths in Australia. In fact, she is the only one in Queensland!

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Brisbane Naturopath Blog Update

Understanding Digestive Disorders: What every doctor needs to know about IBS

December 12, 2013

Interview by  Dr Lise Alschuler past-President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians with Dr Nirala Jacobi ND “Five to Thrive” program broadcast – 21 November 2013 W4CS Radio (USA) Listen to the podcast   Dr Nirala Jacobi ND will be taking part in the SIBO Symposium 2014,  Jan 18-19 in Portland Oregon and via live […]