Inge’s Testimonial – Melbourne
1 April 2015

“I highly recommend Nirala Jacobi to anyone who has a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their body…that pretty much covers everyone!

After a prolonged bout with chronic fatigue, crashed Thyroid (underactive), loss of most of my hair and gained 20 kilos in 12 months, I’ve been given life-long tools to heal my own body.

With Nirala’s assistance I’ve been able to find a balanced vibrancy, and feel in control of a medically “unmanageable disease”. I now have tools & herbs I can use myself which have transformed my life and given me my life back without fatigue, my hair is thick and in the best condition and I have started to lose the extra weight.

Nirala I am very happy with the way you treat me as a patient. You look after all aspects of one’s life and try to find the perfect balance within each individuals limitations and abilities. I have tried many doctors and specialists before but until I have met you nothing had worked, your help and guidance inspires my faith in the healing arts.”

Inge Gallery  – Melbourne


Meg’s Testimonial – Brisbane
08 March 2012

“When I first consulted Dr. Nirala Jacobi, it was with a sense of desperation.

Years earlier, I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, bipolar disorder, depression, bilateral Morton’s Neuroma, iron deficiency anaemia and hypothyroidism.  I had been taking Lithium and anti-depressants for the bipolar disorder, thyroxine for the hypothyroidism, had scheduled surgical intervention for the Morton’s Neuromas, and was desperately trying to find a way to be medically retired.    I also suffered from a general weariness, odd muscle and joint aches and stiffness, and a debilitating lack of energy and mental acuity, which I took to be simply a symptom of my age (55).

Within a few short weeks, my symptoms had improved markedly, and within a couple of months, my mental acuity (which I had never thought to see again) had returned, my emotional instability has vanished (no more Lithium or anti-depressants for ME!) along with my Crohn’s Disease symptoms, my vague aches and pains, my joint stiffness and my Morton’s Neuromas.

Another amazing thing has been the return of ENERGY.  I feel like I did in my twenties.  I can put in (and enjoy) a full day’s work, participate in strenuous and rewarding boot camps, sleep better, and have lost almost twenty kilos. Nirala’s knowledge has lengthened my life, and ensured that I can participate IN my life.  I owe her an enormous debt of gratitude, and will be grateful every day of my life that I stumbled across her website and made the decision to trust her with my future health.

Meg Kerr – Brisbane


Relief from ulcers
May 11, 2010

For many years I sufferred from continual, multiple mouth ulcers. I consulted a number of doctors and two dentists in an effort to cure this very painful problem. Responses ranged from “we don’t know why people get mouth ulcers” to “it’s hormonal”. I did not want to accept that this was just another of my personal quirks which I would have to learn to live with.

I decided to try a naturopathic approach to see if there was any natural medicine that might help. After researching many websites, I chose Nirala Jacobi. The fact that she is a naturopathic physician (licensed in the United States) appealed greatly to me and gave me the confidence to contact her.

At my initial appointment, Nirala spent a long time asking me about my medical history and then we discussed her diagnosis and our treatment plan.

She felt that I am gluten sensitive and within a week of following her advice, I noticed a big difference. Almost a year later, I rarely ever get a mouth ulcer.

Subsequent consultations uncovered a number of other problems that we have both addressed and these have taken a few months to resolve. Even though I eat a very balanced diet and exercise a lot, I was also constantly tired and had trouble sleeping. Nirala zeroed in on the problems and we set about fixing them. I can honestly say that the natural medicines she prescribed have tremendously improved my quality of life.

I enjoy my appointments with Nirala. She always greets me warmly and has a genuine interest in my wellbeing. She always ensures that I understand why my health problems are happening and how we are going to fix them. She explains everything in an easy way, often drawing diagrams to emphasise a point. I trust her expertise, feel very confident to try her methods and highly recommend her to anyone seekinging a very well qualified naturopath.

Liz W
Ashgrove, Brisbane

Mavis’ Testimonial, Roma Queensland
April 29, 2010

Fatigue, high blood pressure and high blood sugar
Feb 02, 2010

I was constantly tired and lethargic (yawning during the day) even though I had had a good nights’ rest but still felt that I hadn’t slept at all. I had a bloated feeling, my skin was dry, I had a runny nose and consistent sore throats. I considered that I had a good diet and I exercised every day but I still felt I had no energy and was not motivated to do much of anything.

I knew something was not “right” so I decided to see a naturopath, and after some research I chose to see Nirala. I am certainly glad I did!

With her help and advice I no longer feel as I have been “run over by a truck”! I have lots of energy, my blood pressure is back to normal, and my skin is fine. What I was so pleased about was that my BGLs (blood glucose levels) were lowered considerably just with the fine tuning of my diet…no pills!

Nirala is a person who listens to you and she explains things in a practical way that you don’t need a degree to understand. She spends the time with you and you feel that you are being heard.



Recent Detox Testimonial

Hi Nirala

Thank you for running this programme. It was very reassuring to be in the hands of a professional who understands the load of environmental toxins & other chemical overloads our bodies endure. As I hadn’t ever done a detox before it was wonderful to be able to talk about what needed to be done and to hear how others were going to. It was very reassuring.

I believe doing the homeopathic detoxing before the programme started was a good idea and it has been exciting to have my weight start to come off. I have had steady weight gain over the last 10 years where I have put on 13 kg. Since the beginning of Sept I have lost 5kg.

I also expected to get hungry and find this process difficult but it has all gone extremely well with no cravings. I have surprised myself in how I have been able to be disciplined.

The extra detoxing regime like saunas, Epsom Float, Enemas etc all give support of what one can do on an ongoing programme.

Having a home with no harmful ingredients I think has helped make this process so easy as I have not has headaches or tiredness.

Kind regards

Gill V

Thank you so much for expert guidance through the detox. I was a little unsure as to how I would cope with all that was needed to do but it was really very simple to follow once I was organized!! Today I feel so much more alive; my head is clearer & I feel stronger in my self.

Many thanks!

Craig M

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