Your Treatment

Your treatment plan is individualized to your specific needs. You may receive some or all of these therapies;

Functional Medicine
Utilizes special tests to understand the underlying issue to your problem. A urinary hormone panel from US Biotek, for example, will take a look at over 30 different hormones involved in various functions in your body. Compare that to the usual 3 you receive from conventional medicine! Being this thorough is helpful to pinpoint exactly what hormonal imbalance you may have. Other tests can assess sleep patterns, how well you react to stress or how well you’re digesting your food.

Clinical Nutrition and nutrient therapy
Your diet has almost certainly played a part in your illness. Many foods you eat regularly drive the inflammatory pathways of the body or cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may contribute to your health condition. Food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in the general public. Food additives, preservatives, and other chemicals such as pesticides and hormones are unwanted substances in foods that can severely impact your own hormone balance and ability to detoxify. Poor digestion can lead to a host of physical problems. You will be given specific food instructions and possibly natural supplements to correct these imbalances

Clinical Detoxification and Environmental Medicine
Pesticides, heavy metals or solvents can contribute to your illness. These toxins can be measured in your blood or urine with special tests and removed through clinical detoxification
For toxicity that impacts your health, you need a “clinical detox”—a professionally guided process. Many of the so called detox programs on the market are superficial at best, and dangerous at worst.
Nirala specializes in the evolving field of environmental medicine—an area of medicine that focuses on the health effects of chemicals and heavy metals. She has extensive experience with leading clinical detox classes and guiding hundreds of patients through the detox process

Homotoxicology is a system of medicine that uses small doses of medicines to stimulate the body’s healing process. Deep acting and safe, homotoxicology aims to open the “drainage routes” of the body to encourage excretion of toxins. Cellular remedies can help to rev up your cellular energy production for improved energy and metabolism, mental clarity and quicker healing process.

Also known as Biomesotherapy, biopuncture is an excellent treatment for acute or chronic pain.  It involves injecting a small amount of saline fluid into specific trigger points (pain points) and acupuncture points while simultaneously spraying specific homeopathic preparations into the mouth.  It is a widely practiced therapy in Europe, and is very popular with elite athletes in some sports as it can often have dramatic results in terms of speed of healing and pain control.  The needles are very small –about the width of an acupuncture needle and the treatment takes about 15-20 minutes.  Pain reduction or resolution can be experienced after the first treatment, but for chronic conditions it can take a few treatments  Read more

Botanical Medicine
The use of herbs to treat ailments is literally thousands of years old. Modern research has validated the incredible potency of many herbs and their use for many health conditions.
Nirala Jacobi uses herbal extracts from only the most reputable companies with proven therapeutic value.

Physical Medicine
Physical Medicine includes manipulations or adjustments as needed, the use of hydrotherapy in home treatments for injuries or fevers

NeurOptimal® Brain Training
Neuroptimal is considered by many to be the most sophisticated form of neurofeedback available today. Read more

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